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How do you know when you need to replace your roof? To avoid serious damage to your roof, make sure that you regularly get roof inspections, whether you are in Nashua, NH, or its surrounding areas, to ensure that your roof is always in good condition. You shouldn’t wait until everything gets worse and you have no choice but to get a replacement or install a brand-new roofing system.


But if the situation is out of your control and you have no other option but to get a new roofing system, make sure to choose and hire a roofing contractor that offers top-notch, unbeatable, and reliable roofing services.


Asphalt Shingle Installation
Here are some guides and tips for installing a durable and stunning asphalt shingle roof.

  1. Safety Preparation
    First and foremost, before you start any roofing installation project, make sure that everything and everyone is safe. Take time to make the necessary arrangements that will ensure your safety, such as wearing a safety harness and having a line attached to the roof’s ridge. You should also set up a staging area with safety rails for added protection. Moreover, don’t forget to wear proper safety equipment, such as rubber-soled boots or shoes, gloves, and eye protection. Wearing a hard hat will also be a good idea
  2. Understanding the Physics of How a Sloped Shingle Roof Works
    To be able to install an asphalt shingle roof successfully, you should fully understand the physics of how they work. When installing an asphalt shingle roof, make sure that all its accessory roof components are arranged and overlapped so the roof will successfully shed water. Keep in mind that in the dictionary, “to shingle” is defined as “to lay out or arrange to overlap”, so apply this when installing an asphalt shingle roof.
  3. Inspecting and Preparing Your Roof Deck
    Before replacing or installing your asphalt shingle roof, you must inspect and prepare your roof deck. Make sure that you check for any signs of water damage, unevenness, warping, or other forms of damage. Since you can’t continue with your installation project once you find any form of damage, make sure to hire a contractor that offers quality and reliable roof leak repair in Nashua, NH, and its surrounding areas, to fix any issues before continuing with your installation project.
  4. Underlying of the Overall Secondary Roof Protection
    The next factor or tip to installing a durable and stunning asphalt shingle roof for your property is the underlayment of the overall secondary roof protection. You can use either asphalt-saturated felt or a synthetic roof underlayment for your secondary roof protection. Install this properly and accurately for a durable and stunning roofing system for your property.
  5. Installation of the Ridge Cap Shingles
    To conclude the installation of your asphalt shingle roof, you have to carefully and accurately install the ridge shingles. Make sure to cut the shingles into pieces long enough to overlap the top course on each side of the roof by 5 inches. You should also ensure that the built-in tar strip is oriented across the ridge for the ridge cap shingles. It should be perpendicular to the direction it faces on the rest of the shingles.


To be able to achieve a successful asphalt shingle roof installation and a well-designed system that can help you lower your property’s utility costs, protect the integrity of your property’s structure, and improve the curb appeal of your property, make sure to keep in mind the guides and tips for installing your roofing system above. Maintain the beauty and functionality of your roofing system by calling ECO Pro Roofing & Gutter, LLC, at 603-801-3705.


Rest assured that our services for roof inspections will deliver top-notch, unbeatable, and reliable roofing system inspection results.


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